The EverTravel team

Going on a big trip is a truly excellent adventure, what with the sights and sounds and tastes of a foreign country and all the memories and happiness you can pack into a week or two. But sometimes the planning can obliterate the excitement, because it takes so long to do all the research in order to have an exceptional time.

We’ve created EverTravel to get you over that hurdle, by providing a service that will help you plan your trip in three easy steps.

Your smartphone becomes your pre-planned personal travel guide, leading you to the city sights, popular restaurants, and great places to shop — places you’ve already researched here.

EverTravel already has travel recommendations for you in over 80 cities around the world, and we are adding more every day. Not only do we highlight the best places to visit; we include descriptions, photos, maps, opening hours, ticket prices – everything you need to plan a fantastic visit. We don’t just copy and paste the information we give you either – our advisory team is made up of experienced travelers, photographers, travel bloggers, travel guides and tour guides, and we’re ready to give you our best.

We are still beta testing our site and mobile app, so we would love your input regarding our services. Email us with your suggestions and let’s make this site an amazing resource for independent travelers.



Cofounder, CEO

I love to travel, and this project came about because I wanted to help others plan their trips quickly and easily. In the past I have found myself spending a lot of time trying to get information from dozens of sites. I’d copy, print, look up maps, write notes and buy guides, and it took me FOREVER!

And then I had my light bulb moment — I could create a service that would help fellow travelers avoid my pain. I’d make it easier and faster for them, give them the tools they needed to plan a trip alone or with friends and, most importantly, ensure that they didn’t miss a thing.

I call it EverTravel.

If you’d like to work with us or have suggestions, write to me!


Alain Chudanova


These days it’s relatively easy to spend the weekend in Istanbul, a week in Rome or a month in Sri Lanka, but planning the trip can be overwhelming. There’s almost too much information out there, and much of it is written by people who don’t have the experience to back up their recommendations.

To fix this, we’ve put together team EverTravel – a group of true connoisseurs who have traveled the world. Some roughed it in tents or swung a hammock among the trees, while others only stayed in 5-star hotels, but no matter how you want to spend your vacation, our guides can definitely help you plan the trip of a lifetime.


Natalia Tepliakova


For me, the best part of a trip is the anticipation of it, when all the fun is yet to come: the new people, unusual places, experiences, photos….

Photos simply can’t convey the feelings that I’ve experienced — my parachute jump, that trip by speedboat, the steep, rocky path down the mountainside. Pictures have not been able to share the salty smell of the sea, those warm sun rays on the shoulder, the birds’ melodies in the woods in the early morning … you can only experience moments like these by being there in person.

As a journalist, I know that my words cannot express everything enough to place you in your dream city, but they can help you plan your own experiences. Travel, friends! We will help you!


Natalia Pocheptsova


As a journalist for the past ten years, I’ve written about so many things — real estate, cars, the economy, politics — but now I get to enjoy helping like-minded travelers with my information.

Beach holidays are not for me, nor are trips to remote areas. I’m a city girl, with a genuine interest in walking city streets, spotting unusual architecture, and sometimes (don’t tell anyone) even looking in windows. I’m so curious about how people live around the world. It’s not exactly an honorable or respectable thing to do, but no less interesting than walking into a museum and heading for the observation deck.


Anatoly Selyaninov


I first saw the sea 15 years ago, and in those moments of beauty I never dreamed that just a few years down the road I’d find myself in the most southern point of Eurasia, at the top of the tallest building in the world or swimming with the sharks in the Maldives. Lanzarote, Unawatuna or Sentosa are just words until I can get there, so that’s exactly what I’ve been doing — taking pictures, accumulating experiences, experimenting with my packing options and sharing it all with my readers.

My mission as a travel expert is to inspire people to travel and give them as much useful information as possible, in order to help them plan the best trips ever.